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Amazing. You know, I’m still trying to get up the nerve to start that Valve Software-themed tumblelog. I only can’t be arsed because I know that only around five people will ever join it.

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I want to be on you.

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As awesome as punk rock was, it caused a lot of damage to a lot of things that are pretty great. Like musicianship. And caring.
- Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy (via gordonshumway)
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Best Bedroom Ever of the Day: Want to buy a house with a Y-wing-themed bedroom? Of course you do.


I just died. Give. Now.

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Photo of the Day: Hiking by Lake Minnewanka, Melissa Brandts and her husband stopped to take a photo by some rocks. Intrigued by the whirring sounds emanating from the camera, a curious squirrel popped into the shot just as the timer expired and the shot was taken.


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(214): She is making me post-sex grilled cheese at 2 am wearing only shorts and cowboy boots. I am so in love

This is the most perfect thing I’ve ever read.

Women. Please. Take note.

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This picture is so amazing, I’m almost a little choked up.

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Wow. I have this exact pillow. I’m leaning on it right now. Amazing.

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