I really like Steve McQueen, you guys. Did you know that? Well, now you do.

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Boyfriend material.

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Breanna, one of the twelve most adorable human beings on the planet, just did a mini-spam of some fantastic, kinda-sorta rare (at least, I hadn’t seen them before) Beatles photos. So, if you’re into that sort of thing. You know. Go look.

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Huge Yakman

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Shirley MacLaine gets photo-bombed by Gene Kelly

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Coked the fuck uuuuuuup.

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John Lennon was an asshole and a hypocrite.

But, hey, so am I. I like the guy anyway. I think maybe that’s because he was so heavily flawed and conflicted. He was just some schmuck trying to carve out a little happiness, stability, and meaning from an unpleasant life. He just happened to have a large stage to do it from.

I’m by no means an expert on the life of John Lennon, but reading books about him is one of my vices. I’ve read my fair share of as-reliable-as-possible accounts of the man. He mistreated people, acted selfishly, was stubborn, unstable, and he seemed well aware of his faults… The fact that he made some catchy music is ultimately a bit trivial. Maybe it’s just because I’m fascinated by people’s lives in general, but, well, I find him fascinating.

Is he overrated? Absolutely. Was he the most talented Beatle? Not really.

But whatever. I dig him. (And a pony.) (Sorry.) (I’ll see myself out.)

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Despite all my rage, I am still just in love with Nicolas Cage.

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I want to be everything that he is. If that’s okay.

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Chevy Chase and John Belushi, by Michael Tighe

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Can Riker memes be a thing for a while? Please? I’d appreciate it, Internet.

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