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This ever so slightly took my breath away. This guy is really fucking fantastic.

I will always be a bit of a nerd, no matter how old I get. I’m a grown-ass man, who likes grown-ass things, but I will always have a huge soft spot for the cartoons and movies that I grew up with. Seeing these things from my childhood rendered in a realistic, mature style always feels so good, almost like they’ve grown up along with me and I don’t have to feel like every woman on the planet is looking at me like I’m a gross man-child.

I stopped sleeping on the Batman pillowcase. What more do you people want from me?

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One of my first nerd crushes, possibly. Rule 34 has yet to fully pervert my warm fuzzies for April and her improbable yellow jumpsuit and mildly unsettling helmet of hair.

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This has become my new go-to image for anything pertaining to Comic-Con.

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The best Ninja Turtles game ever is getting a remake. This is pretty neat.

Also: Helloooooo, promotional model dressed as April O’Neil.

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Best SNES game ever.* Foot soldiers riding dinosaurs, THERE IS NO DISCUSSION.

* Other than Earthworm Jim 2.

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